MOC Auxiliary held May meeting; welcomes new members

The regular meeting of the Auxiliary to the MOC, Pup Tent 96, took place Tuesday, May 21, with six members in attendance. After prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, fines were declared and paid. Minutes of last month’s meeting were read and approved and the treasurer’s report was read and filed subject to audit. Committee reports were given.

Two new members joined the group last month. Michael Stone and Ayla Gougeon are welcome additions. Michael Stone was elected and installed as conductor.

A representative from the men’s organization came in to request our help with the big dishwasher in the post’s kitchen. After some discussion it was decided to give them a check for amount voted on. Decisions were made regarding finances.

This was a very brief meeting. After mention of the coming convention in June, President Roxann Buchler declared the meeting closed.

Next month’s meeting will be June 18.

The group hopes more VFW Auxiliary members will be interested in joining.