50th anniversary celebrated

Gordon and Judy Burns celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Art in the Loft on December 30 with family and friends enjoying great food, music, memorabilia and favorite stories. Gordon and Judy were married on December 23, 1967 at St. Alan Church in Troy.

Melissa Burns, along with her daughters, Adrienne, Alyssa and friend Jacob Barsen, was the mistress of ceremonies and fun throughout the evening. Also in attendance were son Jim, with wife Karin and children Josh, Erin and Sarah. Special guests were members of the wedding party, including Jan Gibb, maid of honor, Glena Lilley, Jim Skiba and Bob Kenyon.

It all started July 3, 1965 on Manning Hill. Judy, from Troy, was visiting her cousin and joined a group of young friends on Manning Hill for a barbecue. Little did she or Gordon know that this evening would begin their love story. Gordon claims it was love at first sight. Over the years, their three children would sing in the back seat of the car, “Mom met her thrill on Manning Hill.” And so it began…a lifetime of memories.


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