Be a role model for the younger ones

Senior Attitudes

The past is part of the present. We have learned from the past and are still part of the present. We must share what we learned in the past while trying to learn what is here in the present.

I don’t know how to text. I don’t want to. If I have a message to tell, I want to express it verbally.

I believe the world changes, and the young shape it. We have learned much in our long lives that we need to share.

Where will our young learn about God, or respect, or kindness if we don’t share the basic beliefs in right and wrong? I doubt that a video game has the same impact as a grandparent. Children notice everything. If we make racial comments, they will hear them. If we show kindness to the beggar, they will notice. Sometimes, we think because we are old, we are not role models, but we are. We need to remember that.

The kid we do not know saw us open a door for the one using a walker. It stays in his brain, and next time, he will do it. As an infection goes easily from one person to another, so does an act of kindness. Let us try to infect our world with an atmosphere of loving and caring.


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