Doris Puls: Exercise and organize

Did you know that exercising and organizing have many similarities? They both provide many benefits when you do them. Exercising is for your physical health and organizing can be for your mental health. There are many other likenesses to consider. For example, both are difficult to start. Excuses abound for why you shouldn’t start today. “There is always tomorrow.” “I’ll start after …”

There is never a perfect time to begin.

Both require commitment, because they are ongoing “projects”. Exercising needs to be done on a daily basis to get health benefits for your body. Organizing, while everything may be in place once you have gone through everything, is an ongoing task that requires putting things where they belong on a regular basis.

Both make you feel better in the long run. Your body will feel better if you stick with your exercise routine and you will be healthier. You will feel less stressed and more peaceful in your living and working environments if they are organized and de-cluttered so that you know where everything is.

Both can be easier and more fun to do with another person. Exercising with someone makes you both committed to your routines. Setting aside a specific time helps to keep you consistent.

When one of my sons was home for a couple of months recently, we set aside 5 p.m. when he was finished with work for the day. We knew to drop whatever we were doing to meet in the basement to exercise. Organizing and decluttering with someone also keeps you on task to stay focused and to help you finish more quickly.

Both take a time commitment each day, but they are both important and beneficial. At the time you are sweating and out of breath exercising, you will be glad you took that first step. When you are decluttering and organizing, you may not feel like taking the time to go through stuff, making decisions about everything. But the end results of both are worth it.

Both exercising and organizing can be done without spending a dime, if you so choose. Walking is free, as well as doing many home exercises like squats, pushups, sit-ups, etc. It is not necessary to purchase any equipment. Neither do you have to join a health club to work out. Organizing and decluttering can also be free. When I am going to work with clients, they often ask if they should purchase totes before I arrive to store their stuff. I always say no, as we usually end up with extras after going through what they really want to keep. Cardboard boxes can also work in most cases. Use what you have and you can be successful.

Today is the perfect day to begin both, even if you start with 15 minutes doing each.

Now is the time to get healthy both physically and mentally.


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