We can still change the world with peace and love

Senior Attitudes

As we age, we deal more with introspection. I remember the “hippie” generation of the sixties. I was a part of the peace and love scene. I believed with all my heart that my generation would change the world. If we stood together, we could win. I walked for civil rights, and later, the ERA. I’m left with the question, Is this country a fairer and more loving place now?

So maybe, when I think about how hard I wanted our country to become more benevolent, maybe it has. The laws support civil liberties more than they did.

I can go to an Association of Lifelong Learners program and learn and have fun with any race or age I wish. No Jim Crow laws here.

Now that some laws support equality, can we make our hearts do the same? Is it possible to again be a nation of love and peace? Is it possible to not be afraid of different races? And can we be grateful that people pray, no matter how, or to whom they pray?

Looking backward, I feel some shame that I and my generation became so busy with life that love and peace and flowers in our hair were not as important anymore.

Now, we seniors must remember the need to share love and to have peace, not fear or anger, in our hearts. We are in a position to teach by word and example. We need to put flowers back in our hair and dance in the sunlight.


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