‘The Business of Art’ at Besser Museum

Erv Lewandowski

Professional American artist Erwin P. Lewandowski will lead a three-part series seminar called “The Business of Art,” on Feb. 13, Feb. 27, and March 20, at the Wilson Art Gallery inside Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan. The series, hosted by the Northeast Michigan Artists’ Guild, costs $10 per person per session.

These seminars are for artists of all levels.

The first seminar, “The Business of Art,” will be at 3 p.m. Wednesday, prior to the free Winter Blues Opening Exhibit Reception. This seminar will focus on some of the essential business practices for artists. Topics will include inventory management (ordering supplies, tracking materials on hand, record-keeping for end-of-year tax submissions), creating a resume, developing an artist statement, setting up a studio or working environment, resources for artists (publications, vendors), and looking at professional membership opportunities. There will also be discussion on the use of digital images, developing a business plan, and establishing a style of artwork that fits your interests, talents and goals as an artist.

The second seminar, “Artwork,” is at 1 p.m. Feb. 27. Topics include composition, artwork ownership rights, methods for pricing your artwork, framing considerations, labeling your artwork, insuring your artwork, packaging and shipping artwork, displaying your artwork, and exploring print and other marketing options for your artwork.

The third seminar, “Marketing Artwork,” at 10 a.m. March 20, will address marketing options for you and your artwork. Topics include social media sources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), developing a website, creating a newsletter, blog, entering competitions, seeking agents for representation, agent contracts, publishing options, advertising, creating press releases, watermark and image management, and exhibiting venues for your artwork.

Lewandowski works out of his home studio along the shoreline of Lake Huron in Alpena. He graduated from the fine arts department at Central Michigan University, and received additional training at Eastern Michigan University. He began his career as a professional artist in 2004, following 25 years of business development and management.

For more information or to register, call the museum at 989-356-2202.