Judge Thomas LaCross addresses Lions Club

Judge Thomas LaCross was the speaker at last week’s meeting of the Alpena Lions Club. LaCross has served 12 years as an elected judge of Alpena County Probate Court. He has also served as the appointed judge for Michigan’s 88th District Court. Program chair for the meeting was Bernie Lamp III.

The judge’s Probate Court duties are primarily concerned with the protection of incapacitated or mentally ill individuals and their assets, and the proper transfer of assets at death. LaCross noted that he spends roughly one day a week handling these cases.

It’s the District Court cases which take up most of his time; about 4 days a week generally. The largest part of his time is spent handling drug and alcohol cases. These cases are criminal cases composed of misdemeanors (less than one year in jail) and felonies (more than one year in prison). Other cases handled involve traffic tickets, small claims and landlord-tenant issues.

All of the hearings take place in the same court room in the courthouse. However, the district court staff of about 13 members has offices across the street in the County Annex Building.

Tom Woizeschke announced that the annual Lions Mint Sale will take place this year on Sept. 14 and 15, and the sale headquarters will be at the APlex.

President Mike Centala announced that Lions International has just installed its new international president and that for the first time in its history the new president is a woman. She is Gudrun Yngvadottir of Iceland.