No high school football championship games to be held at Superior Dome in Marquette this fall

EAST LANSING — The Superior Dome in Marquette won’t be holding any state championship football games this fall, the Michigan High School Athletic Association announced on Friday.

That was according to a short news release sent by email from MHSAA Media & Content Coordinator Geoff Kimmerly.

The eight-player finals were held at the Northern Michigan University indoor facility in 2011 and again from 2017-19, but will be moved to the Midland Community Stadium, an outdoor venue, on Nov. 28, the Saturday following Thanksgiving. There are two finals games, one for each division, in that sport.

The 11-player finals will remain in Detroit at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions, on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4-5. Each sport’s finals were moved one week later this year to accommodate the expanded playoff field, which saw the number of teams involved double, necessitating one more week of games to be held.

Nothing was mentioned about whether this is a permanent move, though other changes to the season were noted as being caused by coronavirus pandemic concerns, indicating that they wouldn’t be permanent.

Football regular seasons were reduced by three weeks this fall after the sport was initially canceled, then reinstated several weeks later, postponing the start of the season until mid-September.

Many teams had a game or multiple games canceled due to outbreaks. For example, Iron Mountain had a 5-1 regular-season record but only played one actual game then with forfeits creating its other wins and its loss.