Alpena turns in solid performance at district skating tourney

News Photo by James Andersen

Alpena High School figure skaters turned in one of their best performances of the season on Sunday as all 10 members of Alpena’s team earned a medal during the Michigan District 4 high school figure skating tournament on Sunday at Northern Lights Arena.

The tournament featured teams from seven different clubs, including a team of 10 skaters from Alpena.

Alpena’s 10 skaters–Miya Ayala, Alicia Ballor, Hunter Ballor, Lauren Johnston, Mehmet Jozwiak, Zeynep Jozwiak, Haley McKenzie, Addison Marceau, Megan Schram and Graci Villeneuve–competed in several different events including jumps, spins and moves in the field.

Alpena’s results were:

Level B Spins: 2nd place  (Graci Villeneuve and Zeynep Jozwiak).

News Photo by James Andersen

Level B Jumps: 5th place (Graci Villeneuve and Zeynep Jozwiak).

Level B Moves in the Field: 5th place (Mehmet Jozwiak, Addison Marceau, Zeynep Jozwiak).

Level C Spins: 2nd place (Alicia Ballor, Miya Ayala, Addison Marceau, Mehmet Jozwiak).

Level C Jumps: 2nd place (Haley McKenzie, Megan Schram, Mehmet Jozwiak, Hunter Ballor).

Level C Moves in the Field: 1st place (Lauren Johnston, Miya Ayala, Graci Villeneuve).

News Photo by James Andersen

“Our team skated really well today.  We were very happy with their performance. This is the best overall that the Alpena High School figure skating team has done at any competition. We keep making improvements as we go and are seeing the results on the ice,” Alpena coach Meghan Cameron said. “It was really encouraging to see the stands as packed as they were and to have the support of the community with us today.  Northern Lights Arena is such a great facility and it was nice to be able to show that off as well.”

News Photo by James Andersen

News Photo by James Andersen

News Photo by James Andersen


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