Alpena baseball team earns one win at Sault Ste. Marie

SAULT STE. MARIE – The Alpena boys baseball team won the first game in a doubleheader and tied the second against Sault St. Marie. Alpena won 8-6 in the first game and tied 8-8.

In the opener, Ben McDonald pitched four and two thirds innings, and gave up six runs on three hits. Cam DeCaire took over for the last four and a third innings and gave up three hits, on two walks and two errors. Rhett Limback had three hits and a double, Nick Skiba hit 4-4 with a double, and Brendan Dacey and Cam Cosbitt each had two hits.

In the nightcap, Alpena was leading 8-3 two inning in. Sault Ste. Marie was able to score in the fifth and six innings, bringing the score to a tie. The game eventually had to end because of darkness. Ben Budnik, Joe Ayala, Dylan Tucker, and Larz McArthur shared pitching duties in this game, with five hits and eleven strikeouts between them. Limback, Cosbitt and Rhett McDonald all had two hits.

Alpena (9-1-1) plays in the Boehing City tournament on Saturday.

SAULT STE. MARIE- The Alpena junior varsity boys baseball team won both games in a doubleheader against Sault St. Marie on Thursday. Alpena won 10-1 in the opener and 8-4 in the nightcap.

In the first game, Aiden Goike pitched five hits, three walks, and five strikeouts. Kyle VanDussen hit 2-4, Colby Plowman had one hit, and Logan Guthrie and Anthony Berg both had a single each.

In the second game, Bruz Copping, Cody Summerix, and Collin Donajkowski shared pitching duties, with six hits and seven strikouts between them. Copping hit 2-3, Donajkowski hit 3-3, and Owen Limback hit 2-3.

“Cody Summerix came in as a relief pitcher and he did a nice job for four innings,” Alpena JV boys baseball coach Dave Myers said. “We played well in both complete games.”

Alpena (7-1) plays against Gaylord at home on Tuesday.

POSEN- The Posen boys baseball team won both games in a doubleheader against Hale on Thursday. Posen won 14-0 in the first game and 1-0 in the second.

Skylar Tulgestke was the winning runner for Posen in the second game. In the bottom of the fifth with two outs, he hit a double and then moved to third. With a hit-and-run play and an overthrow by the catcher to third base, he was able to secure the win for Posen.

In the opener, Travis Sharpe pitched three innings with one hit and seven strikeouts. Chase Shelly pitched one inning and had three strikeouts, while Jared Kamyzek pitched the last inning with one hit, one walk, and on strikeout. Travis Sharpe hit 3-3 with three RBI’s and a double and triple. Jared Sharpe hit 2-2 with two RBI’s, Tulgestke hit 1-1 with a double, Nathan Lalka hit 2-3 with two RBI’s, Jared Kamyzek hit 2-2 with an RBI, and Mark Wisniewski hit 1-2 with an RBI.

In the second game, Travis Sharpe pitched all six innings with four hits, two walks, and thirteen strikeouts. Jared Sharpe and Matt Dolesk both hit 1-2.

Posen is 7-5 overall, 5-1 in the conference, and 4-0 in the Little Dipper Division. They play in Alcona on Monday.

FAIRVIEW- The Hillman boys baseball team had a split doubleheader against Fairview on Thursday. The Tigers won the opener 8-4, but lost the nightcap to the Eagles 4-3.

In the first game, Cory Hemmingston pitched six innings with five runs, eight hits, five strikeouts and two walks. Dylan Steinke hit 1-3 with a home run and two RBI’s, Trent Hoppe hit 2-3 with one double and one run, and Brent Jenyon hit 1-2 with one walk, two runs, and two RBI’s.

In the second game of the night, Andrew Front pitched six innings with one run, nine hits, five strikeouts, and two walks. Caine Hunt took over for three innings and gave up three runs, five hits, one strikeout and two walks. Steinke hit 1-3 with one run and two walks.

Hillman (7-3, 5-1) hosts their booster tournament on Saturday.

JOHANNESBURG-LEWISTON- The Onaway boys baseball team played a double header in Johannesburg-Lewiston on Thursday. They lost the opener 9-2 and the nightcap 1-0.

In the first game Trevor Wregglesworth pitched five innings with three homeruns and two strikeouts. He hit 2-2 with two RBI’s and one walk. Zeke Nave hit 2-3 with one run and one double.

In the second game, Reese Nave pitched five innings with no earned runs, three hits and four strikeouts.


SALT ST. MARIE- The Alpena girls softball team dominated a double header in Sault St. Marie on Thursday. They won 13-2 in the first game and 8-0 in the second.

In the opener, Lauren Heath pitched the first three innings, with Emma Frasier taking over in the fourth. Mary Schimmel hit three runs, while Frasier, Jessica Marwede, Lizzie Kendziorski, Elise Leeck, and Jenna VanDussen all had two hits.

In the nightcap, Lauren Heath pitched four innings with eleven strikeouts, and Mikayla Price pitched the last three. Price, Kendziorski, Frasier, and Schimmel all had two hits.

Alpena (9-4, 3-1) plays at home on Tuesday against Gaylord and in the Clarkston tournament with 48 other teams all weekend.

ALPENA- The Alpena girls junior varsity softball team played very well against Sault St. Marie on Thursday. They won the opener 10-0, and the closer 22-1.

In the first game, Kady Gehrke pitched her first no hitter, with seven strikouts, no walks and no hits. Kali Spomer hit 2-3 with a double and a single, Riley Alexander had one hit, and Mallary Kautz had one hit.

In the second game, Riley Lewis pitched and gave up only two hits. Alexander had one hit and a double, and Tara Myers had one hit and a double.

Alpena (15-0) plays Lake Orien on Friday, and a tournament against Lake Orien on Saturday.

POSEN- The Posen girls softball team mercied Hale both games in a doubleheader. In the first game, Posen won 16-0, and in the second Posen won 18-3.

In the opener, Jolene Reese pitched all three innings, with two hits, two walks, and four strikeouts. Kayla Lenard was the leading hitter for Posen, hitting 3-4 with two doubles and six RBI’s. Jenna Hincka hit 2-2 with two RBI’s, Brooke Charcuski hit 2-3 with and RBI, Sam Lenard hit 2-3 with a double and three RBI’s, and Lauren Romel hit 2-3 with two runs scored.

In the second game, Reese once again pitched the entire game with three unearned runs, four hits, one walk, and two strikeouts. Kayla Lenard was the leading hitter in this game again, hitting 2-2 with a double and two RBI’s. Hannah Stone hit 2-2 with two RBI’s, Hincka hit 3-3 with three RBI’s, Charcuski hit 2-3 with one RBI, and Sam Lenard hit a triple with three RBI’s.

Posen (3-9, 3-1) plays in Alcona on Monday.

CHEBOYGAN- The Rogers City girls softball team faced a doubleheader against Cheboygan on Thursday. In the first game, Rogers City won 14-3, but lost the second game 11-3.

In the opener, Jayna Hamp and Hannah Fleming shared pitching duties. Taylor Fleming hit 4-4 with a home run and four RBI’s. Sarah Meredith had two hits and two RBI’s, Taylor Laboe had three hits and two RBI’s, Ally Streich had one hit and one RBI, Hannah Dipmar had two hits, Meghan Brigg had one hit, and Hamp had three hits.

“Jayna pitched for three and a third innings, and she really killed,” Rogers City girls softball coach Allen McLane said.

In the nightcap, Hamp and Hannah Fleming once again shared pitching duties. Hannah Fleming and Streich had one hit, Laboe had two hits, Meredith had two hits and a double, and Mary Brigg had a double.

“We didn’t hit the ball as well in the second game,” McLane said.

Rogers City plays a league doubleheader on Monday against Hale.