Swami gets foiled by the Internet

The Internet is a valuable tool, but doesn’t come close to equaling what a human can do.

Swami had a problem with the zone valves on his wood boiler. He decided to go to the internet to solve the problem. While the Internet provided some helpful tips, Swami eventually wound up standing in a lake of water wet from head to foot after changing out some valves and still doesn’t know if problem is fixed.

Let’s see if the All-Knowing-One can do any better with his predictions this week and stay dry.

ALPENA (3-3) at TRAVERSE CITY CENTRAL (4-2) – The Wildcats are a completely different team from a year ago, but can they take the next step forward? Alpena took care of business, dismantling of Cheboygan on Homecoming night. Once again senior running back Jordan Ferguson proved to be an unstoppable force with 186 yards and four touchdowns.

To take the next step up the pyramid, the Wildcats face a hornets nest in Traverse City Central. Coupled with a close 16-13 loss to Petoskey, the Trojans will come loaded for bear. On a rainy night, turnovers were numerous, Central had a chance to break the tie after the Northmen coughed up the ball on their own 5. But the defense stiffened, after four unsuccessful cracks, the Northmen offense moved the ball down the field to set a 31 yard field goal for the difference.

Swami says bring on the best of the conference for the Wildcats. The weather be less than stellar, but the All-Knowing-One believes the Trojans will be ready this time as they do not want fumble away their chances to pick up a win.

Swami Sez: Traverse City Central 28, Alpena 24.

WHITTEMORE-PRESCOTT (6-0) at ROGERS CITY (3-3) – The Hurons are still going strong even after having to forfeit an early win. Jacob Malocha brought them back to an even record with 234 yards of rushing to go along with two touchdowns over Mio. The Hurons this week face a major obstacle to get above that .500 mark in Whittemore-Prescott.

The Cardinals clinched another playoff berth with a win over Tawas- their eighth consecutive appearance. Besides the happiness of the win, came the downside of numerous injuries that could cause problems for the Cardinals to the extent they could be extremely shorthanded tonight.

Swami hopes both teams can take the field tonight. If Rogers City is to win, it’s going to take a total team effort.

Swami Sez: Whittemore-Prescott 35, Rogers City 12.

HILLMAN (6-0) at OSCODA (3-3) – The Tigers had goals at the beginning of the season and accomplished most of them in one night last Friday: a homecoming win, clinching a conference crown and a playoff spot. To top it off, the Tigers are still unbeaten. The Tigers feel they are a versatile team, anyone can fill anyone’s slot no matter who’s position it is. As a team, the Tigers are 6-0 for the first time since 1990.

The Owls made it a little harder on Alcona to get back to the playoffs. The Owls defense played extremely well after falling flat on its face the week before. Cody Pintar’s rushing kept the Owls on top when the Tigers would make a move to get back into the game.

Swami says it will take more than Pintar and Ian Belkin to slow down the Tiger express. There are just too many weapons for the Owls to cover: wide receiver Mason VanPamel, running back Dylan Steinke, Travis Powers, Josh Reinbold, Billy Kolcan and Brent Kenyon. It will take a superb effort by Oscoda.

Swami Sez: Hillman 41, Oscoda 8.

ATLANTA (1-5) at RUDYARD (2-4) – Atlanta will take to the road for the third consecutive week and the All-Knowing-One thinks this one might be the most winnable.

The Huskies opened last week’s game against Hillman on a high note: a 12-play, 66-yard drive as quarterback Seth Teets systematically picked apart the Tigers defense and threw a touchdown to Jay Webster.

Rudyard has put together back-to-back wins over East Jordan and Sault Collegiate and is looking to add Atlanta to their win total.The Bulldogs do have some offensive threats and a defense that raises havoc. The only thing Swami knows for sure is the Huskies’ offense has problems sustaining drives and have been prone to give up big plays on defense.

This could be a big shootout for one of these teams and Swami is leaning toward the Bulldogs.

Swami Sez: Rudyard 20, Atlanta 6.