Protect immigrants on this Caregivers Day

This National Caregivers Day (Feb. 16), let’s make sure we recognize the critical role of immigrants in our care workforce, our community, the economy, and, most importantly, in our families.

Our population is aging at a faster rate than we’re able to hire new home-care workers. Which means we’re now facing a huge care workforce shortage. That means our elderly or disabled loved ones could go without care if we don’t address this!

Already, immigrant caregivers make up 27% of the direct care workforce — including home health aides, child care workers, and nursing assistants. Without immigrants, the labor shortages in our health care and child care systems would be even worse!

Moms are so thankful for the countless contributions immigrants make to keep families and kids healthy and safe!

To really show our thanks to immigrant caregivers this National Caregivers Day, we need permanent protections for immigrants and expanded work permit authorizations. It is long overdue and critical to our families and community!


Presque Isle


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