Tell FCC if they got something wrong

We have a hard time believing the Federal Communication Commission’s recently released map that shows 100% internet coverage for Northeast Michigan.

According to the map, all households in the Alpena region have access to fixed internet that meets the FCC’s minimum download/upload speeds, and nine out of 10 have service adequate for advanced internet use, News staff writer Julie Riddle reported recently.

The FCC map indicates most of the region has access to mobile broadband — 3G, 4G, or 5G service accessible while outside or in a vehicle but not necessarily indoors.

That would contradict with other, earlier data that showed significant minorities of Northeast Michiganders who lack reliable internet service. Numerous efforts have been launched to increase broadband access, but none of those have come to fruition.

That makes us doubt the map’s veracity.

Thankfully, the FCC allows residents to search for their home on the map, available at broadbandmap.fcc.gov, and to tell the FCC if the reality in their home doesn’t line up with the FCC’s map.

We urge every resident who’s able to check out how much connectivity the FCC says they have and to offer corrections to the map if necessary.

Only if the government knows the scope of a problem can it offer any fixes.


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