We are at war and your country needs you

Over 80 years ago, America and allied nations entered World War II to combat German, Italian, and Japanese aggressions.

Like the flick of a light switch, manufacturing centers entered production of combat airplanes, tanks, armaments and ammunition, uniforms, parachutes, and literally thousands of other war-related items.

American citizens reacted in a cohesive manner, purchasing war bonds, volunteering for military service, and entering the workforce, including many women..

My brother, who was an adolescent as the war began, shared with me accounts of establishing a victory garden and saving tin cans to recycle into a variety of war materials.

The odds are that, if all those aspects of coming together didn’t occur, the outcome of World War II might have been dramatically different.

In the years that followed, millions of children rolled up their arms to receive protective vaccines, ranging from smallpox to polio.

In early 2020, America and the world began to face COVID-19. Indeed, that became a global challenge. It literally became a war against a dangerous and deadly virus. In the better part of 100-plus years, the world has not experienced a pandemic of this scale.

Early on, public health, medical, and scientific leadership began to listen, analyze, and react to the best of their ability to COVID-19.

Even two years out, with emerging variants, there is an ongoing process to address COVID-19 to the best of medicine and scientific research and validation..

Like the flu, we have experienced dozens of strains. Each year, flu vaccines inoculate millions. Those vaccines were effective, but not in all instances at 100%.

America’s three COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots are scientifically proven to stem off COVID-19 or reduce the effect of the various strains. Like other vaccines, those have undergone full U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention review and approval. That continues to be an ongoing process.

The vaccines are not perfect. They are proven effective against contracting COVID-19 or for abating the most severe symptoms or even death.

I have been in health care for over three decades. I have seen the effects of a collapsed and infected pulmonary system. It is not a pleasant experience.

Where am I going with this?

Simply said, the worst of COVID-19 will never be behind us unless we act as a unified populace.

To win and begin to be back to some level of normalcy, receive a full vaccine, followed by a booster, wear a quality mask, practice social distancing, frequently wash your hands, and listen to medical and scientific leaders’ recommendations.

Be assured their recommendations will change as new and emerging data is analyzed.

After all, if you have a plumbing, electrical, or automotive issue, you go to a trusted, proven, and authoritative resource, not pundits who spout off unproven or fully inaccurate facts.

Your family, friends, coworkers, and health care professionals are counting on you.

Jeffrey D. Brasie is a retired health care CEO who frequently writes historic feature stories and op-eds. He is a former Alpena resident and resides in suburban Detroit.


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