Start paying attention to candidates now

Already, 2022 candidates have started making the rounds, reaching out to newspaper reporters and lining up donors to get ready for this year’s contests.

And that means voters should start paying attention, too.

In Republican-friendly Northeast Michigan, expect a crowded August primary, when GOP candidates square off against one another for the chance to compete in the November general election. Seats will be up on county boards, school boards, township boards, and a handful of other local governments, in addition to the governor, Michigan secretary of state, state attorney general, and both state reps and state senators.

Eight months may seem like a long time, but it’s important to take note of what candidates do and say over these coming months.

If they’re already in an elected position, how do they handle the issues before them? If not, are they consistent in the stances they say they’ll take when they get in office, or do their positions seem to shift based on the audience they’re speaking with?

There will likely be candidate forums between now and August, and we encourage every voter to try to attend to hear what the candidates have to say. Are they knowledgeable on the issues of the day pertinent to the positions they seek, or do they seem to waffle and stall? Do they have well-articulated positions?

As we near the August primary (and again near November), keep an eye out in The News for candidate profiles. Read every word and compare the candidates’ positions to your own. None may align entirely with your views, but hopefully someone gets close enough for you to feel proud to cast a ballot for him or her.

We also expect some ballot proposals related to property tax renewals and increases this summer and fall. You’ll want to read up on the proposals, what they’ll do, how much they’ll cost, and decide whether those programs are worth the money to you.

Like it or not, folks, it’s election season, and it’s time to start studying up.


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