Get vaccinated, get your booster

The coronavirus has mutated again, this time giving us the omicron variant.

Public health experts are still studying the new variant to determine how easily it spreads and how well the existing coronavirus vaccines work against it, but say the new variant is cause for concern.

Omicron has been found in the U.S., as well as Canada. There’s a good chance it’ll reach Northeast Michigan, if it hasn’t already.

How did the variant form?

Viruses mutate to survive. They change slightly from transmission to transmission to keep its natural predator — our immune system — on its toes.

With such low vaccination rates globally — and nothing to brag about here at home, where only about 56% of Northeast Michiganders 5 and older have been fully vaccinated — the virus has been allowed to continue spreading and mutating.

Each mutation brings it closer and closer to a new form completely immune to our immunizations.

The best way to end this fight is to get yourself vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, get your booster shot.

Right now, more than 1,300 Northeast Michiganders are actively infected with COVID-19.

Don’t join their ranks.

Get your shot.


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