Please sign up for Smart911

As News Lifestyles Editor Darby Hinkley reported recently, Northeast Michigan first responders continue to urge residents to sign up for Smart911.

The program allows residents to input information that could be key to helping police, firefighters, or paramedics quickly help residents the way they need help in an emergency.

Residents input information such as medications, allergies, and more, and Smart911 automatically makes that information available to emergency crews when you call 911.

“The quicker we can get in there and take care of somebody, time is of the essence,” Capt. Andy Marceau, community risk reduction officer for Alpena Fire Department, told Hinkley for a recent story.

The Alpena Senior Citizens Center will offer seniors help signing up for the programs on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, with the next info session happening this Wednesday. Call 989-356-3585 to sign up.

Or you can sign up yourself at Smart911.com. It takes about 15 minutes.

We encourage every resident to make sure everyone in their household is signed up for the program.

Our first responders will give us all the help we need.

We need to make sure we return the favor.



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