Thank a school bus mechanic

Every day, we put our kids’ lives in the hands of so many people.

Teachers. Coaches. Youth pastors. Karate instructors.

But the first person we trust with our kids’ lives every day is their bus driver — and the school district’s bus mechanic.

As News staff writer Crystal Nelson reported recently, Northeast Michigan’s school buses go through a lot. With geographically larger districts and, often, more ice and snow and more dirt roads that can add to vehicles’ wear and tear, Northeast Michigan buses typically travel farther and harder than downstate buses.

And, with most of a school’s revenue based on enrollment and smaller districts Up North, many area districts struggle to replace buses as often as officials would like, Nelson reported.

But school bus mechanics keep those buses in good working order. Most pass regular Michigan State Police inspections with flying colors. When problems are found, mechanics often can fix the issue and have the bus reinspected and on the road quickly, Nelson reported.

It really does take a village to raise a child, and school bus mechanics are undoubtedly part of that village.

If know you know a mechanic, or meet one, give him or her a big pat on the back and thank him or her for keeping our kiddos safe.


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