A school is not a building

We’ve heard from some residents concerned about Alpena Public Schools officials considering closing and selling the Alternative Choices for Educational Success Academy building and moving the program — which helps students who struggle in a traditional school setting — into Alpena High School.

ACES has helped scores of students earn their degrees and move into the future — many of whom wouldn’t succeed, otherwise — and we share readers’ concerns about anything that might hurt that program.

But school officials haven’t suggested ending the program, only selling the building that currently houses it.

A school is not a building. It’s a group of people working to prepare kids for the future. It’s compassionate teachers, diligent students, dedicated support staff, creative administrators. Moving ACES out of its old building doesn’t by itself threaten those things.

We’ll watch carefully as APS moves forward with what, as of now, is only a possibility. But we know that, wherever they end up, teachers, students, support staff, and administrators will keep the same passion for education.

If the district can improve its bottom line and hold onto that valuable program, we’re all for it.


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