Michigan Reconnect program exciting

Few things are more important to success than education, meaning not just books and classrooms but labs and shops where students can learn skilled trades.

And Alpena Community College has decided to participate in a state program meant to bring older students back to that promise of opportunity.

The Michigan Reconnect program offers scholarships to those 25 and older with a high school diploma but no college degree. It’s a full-ride for ACC’s in-district students in Alpena County and parts of Presque Isle County, but students in Alcona, Montmorency, and most of Presque Isle counties are considered out-of-district students and would still have to pay tuition, though at a reduced rate.

Alpena Community College Director of Admissions Mike Kollien told News staff writer Crystal Nelson the program is ideal for those who always planned to go to college but life got in the way or they thought they couldn’t afford it.

We are thrilled to see ACC participate in this program, and we urge readers to take advantage if they’re able.

Education unlocks more doors than almost anything else, and it’s important not to pass up on the opportunity.



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