Yes, this winter is less snowy

If you think this year’s snowfall is less than normal, you would be right.

While the area has received traces of snow most days this week, accumulation has been rather inconsequential compared to normal winter weather this time of year.

As of Jan. 14, the National Weather Service in Gaylord reported that normal snowfall totals should amount to 35.6 inches. But, thus far, total snowfall was 26 inches. The lowest snowfall as of Jan. 14 since 1916 was 10.9 inches, which occurred in 1937.

However, compared to the typical snowbelt areas of northern Michigan, Alpena actually is faring pretty close to normal. Gaylord normally has 71.4 inches of snow, and this year only has had 34 inches, while Traverse City normally has 51.2 inches, but, thus, far had only 12.8 inches.

For those wondering about the rest of winter and historical records, an average year’s snowfall for Alpena is 84.3 inches.

The record-highest snowfall, according to the National Weather Service, occurred in 1970-71, when the area recorded 166.3 inches.

The lowest record winter snowfall was in 2009-10, when only 43.8 inches of snow fell across the region.



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