The differences we all can make

What a fantastic way to begin 2021.

In Saturday’s edition — the first of the new year — News staff writer Julie Riddle brought us the story of Danielle Franzoni, an Alpena waitress who received a $2,020 tip just before the start of 2020.

One year later, as Riddle detailed Saturday, Franzoni is a new person.

The money helped her secure a home, which offered her the stability she needed to kick an addiction and regain custody of her kids. She then paid it forward, working to help others overcome their addictions.

Back at the start of 2020, Franzoni’s story — which gained national media attention — inspired nationwide giving by celebrities and others.

Franzoni’s story shows the power of a generosity.

You don’t need to give thousands of dollars. You never know what effect small bits of kindness — helping someone carry their groceries, pulling over to help change a flat tire, even a simple smile — might have on your fellow man. And, just as Franzoni went on to help others, the recipient of your generosity might pass it on to others.

Kindness is more contagious than the coronavirus.

Riddle’s Saturday story rung in the new year on a high note. May it inspire you, dear reader, to give freely of whatever you can in 2021.



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