Thank you, Allor, Stamas, for showing up

Sometimes, one of the best ways to show your dedication is just to show up and be ready for the task at hand.

Northeast Michigan’s legislators, state Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, and state Rep. Sue Allor, R-Wolverine, have done just that.

Out of more than 1,000 roll-call votes in each chamber of the state Capitol in 2020, Allor missed just 28 votes, and Stamas just nine, according to a Mackinac Center for Public Policy analysis reported on recently by News staff writer Steve Schulwitz.

Allor missed a busy day at the Capitol early in the coronavirus pandemic, when so much was unknown that the message was simply to stay home to be safe.

Stamas’s missed votes happened on a February day when he was ill.

“Being present and casting my vote is one of the key things we are elected and sent to Lansing to do,” Stamas told Schulwitz. “I take that responsibility with great seriousness.”

Whether or not we agree with every vote they cast, we are grateful to our lawmakers for showing up for the jobs we sent them to Lansing to do.

Good work to both, and thank you.



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