Expect Trump to take on Whitmer

President Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, but, if you think for a minute that he’s tossing in the towel on the political game, think again.

He may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten.

And there’s one person in this state who is probably already thinking about what effect his continued dominance on the political scene could have on her.

Try this on for size.

The former president may not run against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in two years, but he sure as shootin’ will have role in trying to make sure she does not see another term in office.

Add it up.

Would he like to get even with “that woman from Michigan” for challenging him for his alleged early non-response to the COVID-19 crisis?


With a ton of residual support in Michigan — where he won 72 counties — could he influence the outcome of the race?

Oh yeah.

Does he have a wad of money that he could use to pick a GOP opponent, even though there could be any number of hopefuls running in a Republican primary?

No question.

And does he have the nerve to insert himself into a Michigan political decision that some might argue he has no business in at all?

You have to even ask?

If this is not a made-for-TV movie in the offering, what the heck is?

Can’t you see him barn-storming the state with his tried-and-true MAGA rallies, with his anointed GOP challenger at his side, berating Whitmer for “locking down the state and costing thousands of jobs” and other pointed barbs.

For those of you who don’t buy any of this, just review his recent comments about two GOP governors whom he has already targeted. He threatens to find some GOP primary opponent to run against them.

Mr. Trump has taken some political flak from Gov. Mike DeWine in Ohio and Gov.Larry Hogan from Maryland. Both are more moderate than extreme right-wingers and have not been bashful about taking on the president when they deem necessary.

And the Tweeter-in-Chief has not been bashful about blasting them as RINOs, and it’s clear he will be a factor in their next campaigns.

So, while the Whitmer camp has not said squat about all this, knowing her and her team, they know this is coming, and they”ll come up with a strategy of their own to combat the brick bat he will swing at the sitting governor every chance he gets.

It’s too much to hope for, but how about a Whitmer vs. Trump election year debate?

The national debt could be eradicated if they sold tickets to that.


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