Shop local — now more than ever

If you value locally owned and operated businesses in Northeast Michigan, then this holiday season — more than ever — you need to shop local.

Today is Black Friday. In normal years, it would signal the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Shoppers would be everywhere in search of good deals and, locally, the Bolenz Jewelry Holiday Parade would be a wonderful end to a busy day.

Unfortunately, we know this year is anything but normal.

And that has us and local merchants worried.

They are concerned as to whether people, worried with new COVID-19 regulations, will even venture out to visit their store. They wonder about traffic flow through the door this season. They remember all too well how the business shutdowns in the spring impacted their livelihoods, and many worry whether they can survive another time like that.

A big difference between now and then is that stores still are open.

Yes, you have to shop with a mask on — big deal! Yes, out of respect you should socially distance in a store — that is a minor inconvenience.

Now, more than ever before in our community’s history, our local merchants need our support and backing. They need us to walk through the door and purchase items. They need us to support them and their struggles right now.

Show our local businesses, restaurants, and offices an attitude of gratitude this holiday season by shopping locally this year.

We all are in this battle together.

Let’s join forces and make our region as strong as we can by banding together in support of each other.



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