Parents, help make online learners successful

Our teachers are working hard in a realm unfamiliar to many of them as more and more students learn exclusively online.

Recent orders from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration require high schoolers and college students to learn remotely, and virus scares and forced quarantines have made elementary and middle school students learn virtually, as well.

While that can be tough on students and teachers, it’s also tough on parents and other caregivers who now have more responsibility for making sure students are successful academically.

A recent story from USA Today offers the following tips for parents with online learners.

∫ Reduce distractions: Put away those non-educational devices, set students up in an area away from the TV or their younger siblings or the cat or dog. Make a little classroom at home so students can focus.

∫ Have a consistent schedule: Trying to maintain as much of a routine as possible, and as close to what the students would experience in in-person classes, will help your student focus.

∫ Take brain breaks: As any office worker knows, staring at a screen all day can be mind-numbing. Allow and encourage your students to take a few regular breaks throughout the day so they can recharge.

∫ Communicate: Communication is key. Talk to your child’s teacher or teachers to make sure you know what the expectations are, and then make sure your student knows those expectations, as well.

It’s a weird new world we’re in, but your students can still get a top-notch education.



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