Never forget the lessons from 9/11

The newsroom upstairs at The Alpena News was eerily silent that morning as everyone’s eyes were glued to the small television screen in the corner of the room.

When word first came of a terrible accident in New York City the television was flipped on as live broadcast reports started coming in.

And as we watched a second airplane came crashing into another tower of the World Trade Center. Gasps filled the room. Tears started flowing.

As the morning went on and it was learned of the Pentagon crash and the crash of Flight 93 at Shanksville, Pa. it was very clear the nation was under attack.

In the days after the world began the healing process. Everyone would smile or greet another in passing. The world said it would never forget. Promises were made of burying past differences and coming together in harmony.

And yet some of us forgot.

Some of us forgot what compassion and caring felt like. Instead we replaced it with prejudice and hate.

Smiles have been replaced with glares. Calming words of love and comfort have been replaced with hateful words of anger and poison. And as for harmony, the world has never seemed more fractured.

On this 19th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, is it too much to ask for the return of civility and respect in our world?

That is our wish for today. That is our hope for tomorrow.



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