Making progress on joblessness

Hard though it may be to believe, sometimes — what with ongoing restrictions on our daily lives and the way we’re forced to wear masks in public and the fact that Michigan has now passed the sad milestone of 100,000 cases of coronavirus infection since mid-March — but we are making progress on a rebound.

Recent figures released by the state show that more and Michiganders, including Northeast Michiganders, are getting back to work.

Alpena County’s unemployment rate improved from 11.2% to 8.6% from June to July. Presque Isle County’s rate improved from 14.4% to 10%. Montmorency County’s rate improved from 18.7% to 13.2%. Alcona County’s rate improved from 13.7% to 9.7%.

Those improvements are thanks to the steps each of us have taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus — wearing our masks, washing our hands, avoiding large crowds — that have allowed the spread of the virus to slow, which allowed some restrictions to be lifted, which allowed more businesses to reopen and put people back to work.

We’re not out of the woods, yet, but, if we keep up with the necessary precautions, we can continue to bounce back from this tragedy.


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