That’s a good dog!

In these wretched days of viral infections and tanking economies and nasty politics, we need a story now and again to remind us good things still happen, that there’s a reason we put up with all of this to get to the other side.

Gracie the Wonder Dog provided such a story.

As told in a recent News piece by reporter Julie Riddle, Paula Bialkin in April fell outside her rural home between Hillman and Atlanta. She couldn’t get back inside and the batteries were dead in her emergency alert button.

Secluded as she was, no one heard her holler for help.

Bialkin was stuck there on the ground for days. When the temperatures fell and the wet spring snow started coming down, her dog, Gracie, lay on top of her, keeping her warm until a missed medical appointment sent emergency crews looking for her. Officials credit the dog with saving Bialkin’s life.

Good dog, Gracie.

We are thrilled Bialkin survived her ordeal, and we are grateful Gracie was there to keep her warm and to keep her company.

Good things do happen.

Gracie and Bialkin are proof enough of that.

We can put up with all of this stress and depression because, out there, beyond all the anxiety, there’s a good girl named Gracie to keep us warm.



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