Thankful for our murals

Alpena is art town.

For such a small town to have a year-round professional theater, a vibrant community theater, an impressive stable of public sculptures, a slew of art galleries, and a bevy of talented residents is truly impressive.

And making our commitment to the arts clear to any visitor are a number of murals on the sides of our downtown buildings.

Added to the list recently is a mural on the side of Salon 125, located at 125 E. Chisholm St., by Bay City artist Mark Piotrowski.

“The mural I will be doing is a concept I call a Wave Journey,” Piotrowski said of his spray-painted mural of colorful swoops, arcs, and waves. “These waves are connected bands of evolving color that travel and wrap around each other in an infinite loop. These loops symbolize the cycles we go through on a continual basis every day and every moment. From the act of taking a breath to progressing through the ebb and flow of our typical days, months, and years, these acts are cycles that guide us through our daily travels.”

We are so grateful for Piotrowski and the other muralists who have contributed to our downtown cityscape.

They brighten our day, inspire us, and show the world that this little burgh cares about the arts.



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