Paddling class a worthy investment

Watersports have always been a favorite Great Lakes pastime.

Every summer, as the sun shines and waters warm, Michiganders take to the waves in kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards to cool off and enjoy nature’s playground.

But those recreational pursuits come with danger, to us and to the very environment that provides so much joy, as invasive species can hitch a ride on our bows and spread from one waterway to another.

Boater’s safety, life preservers, and swimming lessons can take care of protecting us.

A new, online course offered by Michigan State University and Michigan Sea Grant can take care of protecting the environment.

Through the five-session, self-paced program, paddlers will learn to use the MISIN (Midwest Invasive Species Information Network) app, a reporting tool used by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and others to locate invasive species of concern, according to a recent story on The News’ weekly Outdoors page.

The course, which must be completed by Dec. 31, costs $20 if you want bucket hat, towel, waterproof phone case, dry bag, and more, or free if you just want the knowledge.

We encourage readers to check out the course.

Twenty bucks is a worthwhile investment for a bit of knowledge that can help protect the Great Lakes waterways for future recreationalists to enjoy.



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