Consider flood insurance

A new report says the Federal Emergency Management Agency may severely underreport the number of American properties at risk of flooding because it relies on too-limited information to forecast risk.

As News staff reporter Steve Schulwitz reported recently, the First Street Foundation developed new flood maps by incorporating climate change models, sea level rise, and more to develop maps that identified millions more at-risk properties than FEMA, which relies mostly on historical flood data to predict risk.

The First Street method identified 1,704 properties in Presque Isle County and 1,220 Montmorency County properties at risk of flooding that were not identified by FEMA.

In Alcona County, FEMA actually identified 472 fewer properties at risk of flooding.

Alpena County wasn’t included in First Street’s data.

FEMA defended its forecasting model, but First Street’s peer-reviewed research provides another layer of information property owners should include in their decisions about whether or not to buy flood insurance to protect their property.

FEMA itself says 20% of flood claims happen outside of the high-risk areas it identifies.

Knowledge is power, and you can never have too much information. We encourage property owners to look at First Street’s data and consider flood insurance if it says your home is at risk.



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