Impressed by solid city budget

Alpena city officials apparently are rock stars when it comes to budget management.

So it would seem after city Clerk/Treasurer Anna Soik informed the Alpena Municipal Council this week that, instead of facing a projected shortfall, as had been thought possible at the beginning of the year, the city instead is now projected to finish with a budget surplus.

A big reason for the strong showing was an unexpected tax reimbursement from the state.

Another reason is that officials did not hire some employees they had anticipated hring.

The strong finish to the budget, which ends June 30, is noteworthy.

Given how the state economy grounded to a halt in March, April, and most of May, next year’s budget could be tricky, but Soik remains optimistic.

“We’re sitting in a really good position to be able to handle our business,” Soik said in a News story Wednesday.

We’re impressed.



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