Create change, not chaos

Maybe the astronauts who left Earth for the International Space Station this past weekend had the right idea.

Given the option, most of us would rather forget the trials and tribulations 2020 has brought us.

But, unfortunately, we don’t have that option, and we are forced to deal with the chaos facing all of us today.

And we need to do that quickly. We need to do that with sincerity. And we need to do that with compassion and conviction.

First, we know of very few people who believe there wasn’t a tragedy that occurred to George Floyd in Minneapolis recently. His death was senseless and wrong. Thus, if most of us can agree to that fact, let justice play out there and let us, as society, instead concentrate on working to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.

Let’s have dialogue and discussion to see where we have fallen short in treating people the same. Let’s identify areas that could be improved upon and let’s develop plans to make change. Let’s work to correct the wrongs that have existed for too long.

But let’s not continue to destroy property, burn vehicles, and create chaos. Let’s end the violence, the senseless anarchy, and the vandalism. Let’s say to those who come into our cities from out of the area with nothing more in mind than to incite mayhem to “stay away.”

We need to heal. We need to come together.

We need to return to a place where one person can still make a difference in another’s life.

We need to bring together leaders of all sides and sit down and start the change. We need to give those men and women the latitude to work together with no agenda in mind other than creating a world where humans respect each other and value each other.

This we know: We can no longer continue to treat each other without common decency. We cannot throw out the door the values, morals, and principles that help steer society through times of trouble.

We’re reminded today of a 1950s song that has meant so much to different generations:

“Let there be peace on earth,

and let it begin with me.”

— Jill-Jackson Miller

Let’s work to make a difference today.



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