This week, reach out and share some joy

Earlier this week, an editorial addressed “distant socializing.”

And as we said in that editorial, staying connected with people is very important for all of us right now.

With that in mind, today, we are advocating taking that concept one step further and becoming proactive. We urge readers to pick up the phone and call someone this weekend and check how they are doing.

Go through your email and/or social media contacts and reach out to others. As you do, pick someone who you haven’t connected with for quite some time and surprise that person by reaching out.

We can attest to the value of such a gesture, as we were the recipient of someone we haven’t connected with for several years.

In the week ahead, go through your address book and write someone a letter or send them a card. Let them know they are not forgotten and others are indeed wishing them well.

All of us are discovering just how hard it is without interaction with others. Many of us are huggers, hand-shakers, or generally just like to talk with someone and not have to worry about the six-foot social distance rule right now. We miss catching up in the church pew with others. It’s frustrating and disappointing to celebrate a birthday during this time and have no one able to attend a party.

And can you imagine what Palm Sunday, Easter, and Holy Week are going to be like this year!

So do yourself and someone else a favor this week and connect with others.

We guarantee that, if you do, the smile you’ll receive at your end will be just as big, if not bigger, than the smile on the face of the person at the other end of your surprise.



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