Thank a health care worker

In Saturday’s edition came a letter to the editor from a reader who suggested we dress up our town in pink to show our support for our health care workers.

We love the idea.

Though these times are unprecedented, our health care workers are doing what they always do: Showing up, staying calm, saving lives.

Our doctors, nurses, hospital food staff, and others are on the front line of what President Donald Trump has essentially called a war on the coronavirus.

The letter-writer pointed out that, in times of war, communities wrapped yellow ribbons around trees and mailboxes and hung them on doors to show their support for our troops fighting overseas.

Now, the writer said, we should show our support for the soldiers fighting in emergency rooms and inpatient services and even visiting the homes of those quarantined.

We agree.

Pull out a pink ribbon and tie it around your tree. Repurpose that old Valentine’s Day heart and put it on your door.

However you do it, just make sure to thank a health care worker today.



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