Follow officials’ orders

In Monday’s edition of The News, we urged you to neither shrug off the threat of the coronavirus, nor to shudder in constant fear of it.

Apparently, many across the state of Michigan and beyond are ignoring that first piece of advice.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Monday ordered all bars, restaurants, theaters and more closed to all in-house service. Drive-thrus and carryout options remain.

The governor was forced to take that extraordinary measure after news reports and social media showed long lines and crowded dance floors at bars. Apparently many college students suddenly free from class weren’t too concerned about social distancing, all in direct defiance to Whitmer’s earlier order that large gatherings should be avoided to prevent the spread of the disease.

Our nation is strong and will bounce back from this disease, sooner than we think, though not as soon as we’d like.

But that’s only a guarantee if we all do our part.

We urge all our readers to heed all guidance and orders of public health officials. If you’re sick, stay home. Sick or no, don’t go to large gatherings. Order in or cook at home. If at all possible, watch a livestream of your church service on Sunday.

We will be OK if we all put in the effort.



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