We know that heroes live among us

If you want to find a real hero today, look no farther than your community, where many a hero is known to live.

Two people who certainly qualify for that label are Lincoln Suszek and Andy Marceau, who both risked their own lives trying to rescue an elderly couple caught inside a burning house last weekend.

Suszek, a city police officer, was injured during the attempt, and was transported to the hospital, where he was treated for smoke inhalation and an injury to his wrist. He was released from the hospital later that day.

Marceau, an off-duty fire department captain, happened upon the scene but did not have any of his gear with him.

That did not hinder Suszek and Marceau, though, as they immediately attempted to get inside the house before the fire department arrived. Unfortunately, the heavy smoke and fire thwarted the rescue effort.

Immediately upon the on-duty members of the fire department arriving at the scene, firefighters with all their gear and masks were able to enter the home and get one resident out.

Unfortunately, the second died in the fire.

The heroism displayed by Marceau and Suszek make us proud to call Alpena home.

Thank you for your efforts. This community is grateful that yes, indeed, there is a hero or two who live among us.



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