Welcome back to work, Tyler Suszek

Tyler Suszek is back to work at the Alpena Fire Department after recovering from an injury he sustained while battling the Nov. 3 fire at the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on Chisholm Street.

Suszek recounted his tale for a recent story by News reporter Julie Riddle.

He was called in from his day off to battle the blaze and was working at the back of the building when he used a 10-foot pike pole to try to pull down garage-style doors to help ventilate the building.

When he gave the pole a tug, the wall collapsed on him.

He suffered a head gash that required a dozen staples — though his helmet protected from further injury — and he lost a toe from debris that sliced through his boot.

But, back to work after recovery, Suszek was in good spirits, telling Riddle he didn’t know what else he would do if not getting ready to fight another fire.

Suszek’s tale is a reminder of the dangers our firefighters and other emergency crews face every time they head into the office, and also a testament to the good-natured humility those crews bring to the job.

Welcome back, Suszek.

Thanks to you and all of your comrades for everything you do.