Sad to see community service trooper position go

Even after federal funding ran out a few years ago, the Michigan State Police-Alpena Post decided to keep Trooper Ashley Simpson as the post’s community service trooper.

The position gave the post a friendly public face through community presentations, education initiatives, and public events, all of which helped show Northeast Michiganders that the State Police are our friends, not foes.

Simpson, who also writes a biweekly column for The News, served that role well.

Now, however, with staffing issues and the needs of road patrol calling, the post has decided to pull Simpson from the community service position and put her back behind the wheel of a squad car.

Simpson still will be involved in organizing certain events, such as the Halloween Trunk-or-Treat and the Polar Plunge fundraiser.

And she and other troopers still will be visible in area schools and the community for certain events.

The State Police remain our friends.

But Alpena will lose a full-time position dedicated to such endeavors.

We’re sad to see it go, but we’re glad the Alpena Post saw the position worthy enough to continue even after federal money expired.

We hope the state or federal government find some way in their ledger books to bring the position back.

In the meantime, thanks for your service, Trooper Simpson, and stay safe out there on the road.



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