Keep your pets safe this winter

Human beings are not the only creatures shivering in the cold.

Winter can be as tough on pets as it is on their owners, and it’s important to provide them the care they need in the cold. The American Humane Society offers some tips:

∫ When putting together your emergency preparedness kit in case you get snowed in, don’t forget your pets. Stash away some food and water for them, too, and their favorite toy.

∫ When your pets get a bath, make sure they’re completely dry before letting them outside again.

∫ Walk your animals on a leash in winter. It’s easier for them to get lost when there’s snow on the ground.

∫ Keep your pets inside overnight. If you must keep them outside, make sure they have a doghouse large enough for them to turn around but small enough to encase body heat. Line with straw for insulation. Face the doghouse door away from wind and blowing snow, and mind that their water dish doesn’t freeze over.

∫ Make sure to use pet-friendly de-icer to avoid hurting their paws.

∫ Outdoor cats and wild animals sometimes crawl up into engine compartments for warmth. Bang on the hood of your vehicle a few times to scare any creatures away before starting your car.

With a few extra steps, we can make our furry friends enjoy the winter wonderland as much as we do.



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