Stay safe, officers

We call on all of Northeast Michigan to pray for the safety and well-being of our police officers, especially those who serve on the Huron Undercover Narcotics Team, the group of officers who investigate drug trafficking in our region.

News criminal justice reporter Julie Riddle told us last week that undercover agents on the west side of the state have seen an uptick in the number of loaded weapons discovered in drug investigations. Some have been found in the Gaylord area.

Trends seen on the west side of the state almost always make their way to us, HUNT officials said during a board meeting Riddle covered last week.

Every officer puts his or her life on the line for us every time they wear the badge and step out to protect our community.

HUNT officers do some of the most dangerous police work there is, and the news that drug traffickers are keeping themselves armed and loaded only raises the stakes.

Stay safe out there, officers.

May God protect you in your work.



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