Glad to see marching bands rebound

The best education is a well-rounded one, and the best school experience is one that is not only grueling work but also a bit of fun and camaraderie.

And that is why we were happy to see reporter Julie Goldberg show us on the cover of Saturday’s Northern Lifestyles section that marching bands are rebounding at area schools.

Several Northeast Michigan school districts had been forced to scale back or even eliminate band programs in past years, because of cost and/or low participation.

But, over the last couple of years, districts have been able to bring those programs back.

We are glad to see it.

We’re all aware of the neuroscience research that says music is great for brain development. That’s why a many of us play Bach for our babies in utero.

And we’ve all experienced firsthand the joy of all the brass and choreography of a marching band at halftime, making a football game all the more enjoyable and our school spirit all the stronger.

Those are the things that make high school a magical and memorable time, not only for the kids going through it but for the parents leading them.

So we’re glad to see bands bounce back, and we hope area school leaders will continue to find ways to support them and that our communities will step up, too, giving to the programs through boosters and other fundraisers.




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