Doggone it, we love having cop dogs in town

Proper training is an important part of success.

Just like humans, dogs need training, and over 320 canine units from across the nation and Canada were at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center this week for some of the best training being offered in the U.S.

The training was being hosted by the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers.

By using the CRTC facility, handlers and their dogs were exposed to a wide variety of training scenarios, said association President Terry Foley. The CRTC allowed the dogs to experience the sounds and sensations of actual gunfire and “flash-bang” explosives, situations not safely recreated in a city. The dogs needed to get accustomed to a wide variety of scenarios, training them to block out everything except the work they need to do.

As fate would have it, some of the dogs and their trainers even ended up at the scene of a missing boy in Alpena Township Wednesday.

Foley and the association have been using the CRTC for 15 years and it has been beneficial for everyone.

As evidenced by the number of handlers and dogs in the community this week, the site is as popular as ever.

It is a partnership that works exceedingly well for everyone — the dogs and their handlers, the CRTC, the Association of Professional Canine Handlers, and the community.



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