Let’s give our vets a lift

Reporter Steve Schulwitz informed us last week that the van area military veterans count on for transportation to doctor’s appointments downstate has broken down.

The van, which provided some 1,100 veterans transportation, broke down much sooner than expected, leaving the Disabled American Veterans Thunder Bay Chapter 61 scrambling to raise enough funds to purchase a new one.

The local DAV will need to pay about $17,000 for a new van through a partnership with the Columbia Trust at the Ford Motor Co., and the veterans organization is currently about $5,000 short.

They’re not expecting a van to be in place until February, leaving veterans to count on friends or family for transportation to important appointments.

We hope the generosity of Northeast Michigan can shorten that timeline tremendously.

You can send donations toward a new van to DAV Thunder Bay Chapter 61, 486 S. Ripley Boulevard, Unit 117, Alpena, Michigan, 49707.

And, in the meantime, if you know a veteran who needs a ride, give them one.

Our veterans gave us everything — their time, energy, and commitment, and, in some cases, their very flesh — to protect us and our freedoms.

The least we can do in return is give them a lift.



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