Keeping geese numbers at manageable levels important

In Alpena there is no goose who ever laid a golden egg.

Instead, there are plenty of geese who have laid — well the polite term would probably be grease — wherever they land.

This summer the numbers of geese in the city seems at one of the highest levels it has been in recent years. Users of Alpena’s bi-path often have to maneuver through flocks of them, hoping not to agitate them to the point of being chased. And, thanks to the droppings left behind, there is never any doubt as to where these geese have ventured.

Thus, we support Alpena Municipal Council’s decision Monday to hold a goose hunt again this year in the city. We believe the hunt is needed to control their numbers. This year the hunt will take place three Thursdays in September — Sept. 5, 12 and 19.

During a two day hunt last year hunters shot 85 geese. The hope is this year the hunt will result in even more geese taken.

Given that City Building Official Don Gilmet estimates the city has a population now of 200-250 birds, we would hope for at least 125 geese taken by hunters next month.

The goal of the hunt is to bring the geese into a manageable number that reduces the interaction between them and people. We hope that is achieved.

Make no mistake, the geese are a wonderful part of the community — up to a point. We believe the hunt will keep that relationship on a more positive tone than a negative one.



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