Congrats to the Rash boys

Out at the Alpena County Fair last week, you may have picked up a Coney dog or elephant ear from three cheerful teens and helped them further their education.

Marcus, 17, Jacob, 17, and Jason Rash, 14, and their Kids Biz company were selling food at the fair to raise money for college.

Their effort started with an ice cream truck a few years ago, which they paid off to buy the elephant ear truck. Now that’s paid off ( they did so within a year!) and they bought another truck, where at this year’s fair they sold hot dogs, brats, nachos, burgers, and more.

“With our elephant ear trailer, what we’re doing is we’re doing this for school and for a miniature career,” Jacob said. “We’re just hoping to raise some money so if later in life we decide to go to college for something, we have that money.”

What an inspiration these young men are to us, and could be to every reader.

Congratulations, boys, Northeast Michigan is proud of you, and we know you’ll go far.