Protest shows liberals’ troubles with truth

To quote Mel Brooks in the film “Blazing Saddles”: “Haben sie gesehen in seinem Leben?”

It was sort of an expression of disbelief that the so called African Americans were darker than they were.

One has to use a similar expression when he reads about the 100 demonstrators in Alpena protesting the camps on the border holding people waiting to be vetted for entrance into the U.S. You know, using their logic, if they were to come upon some idiot sitting on a red-hot stove, they would demonstrate to outlaw stoves. Or, should they encounter a moron hitting himself on the head wth a hammer, they would protest the manufacture of hammers.

Not one of the people in the so-called camps at the border is required to stay there. At any time they wish they can turn around and head back south whence they came. Nobody is requiring them to stay there. The sane thing for them is to head back home, because nobody is stopping them.

Liberalism has such a difficult time with the truth. I suppose one should pity them because it seems that their trouble with the truth is endemic.