New tenants in Kmart building is good news

The announcement this week of a possible new tenant in the former Kmart building is welcome news indeed.

The news hinges on Alpena Township trustees granting the proposed new owner a zoning variance for the property from commercial to light industrial.

While some might be disappointed by the fact the new tenant is not a retailer, that disappointment will more than be offset by the new jobs being created there. After all new jobs equal more people which means more families which means more reasons for a retailer to consider relocating here. A new tenant means more taxes will be paid, more upkeep will take place on the property and there will be more of a connection with the community and the corridor where it is located.

This newspaper always has supported incubator projects at any level and that is why we are especially intrigued with the plans of what will take place here now.

The new owners — 12P LCC — will encourage small start-up companies to consider leasing space at the property from them. Eventually the building could be home to companies engaged in such things as design, engineering, sales or manufacturing.

According to Jim Klarich, Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce economic development director, “manufacturing activities in the foreseeable future are likely to include machining, welding and assembly of commercial and industrial equipment and related components.”

More jobs. More taxes. More opportunities.

That is “win” for the region and one worth celebrating.



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