Alpena strawberries a sweet treat to grab now

Is there anything sweeter than an Alpena strawberry?

We love this time of year, for with it comes the delicious, sweet taste of Alpena strawberries. As we enjoy a fresh bowl of the delicious, bright red fruit, we actually can envision what heaven must be like with every bite.

Our only regret is that the season is way too short. And, this year, it lagged a little behind schedule because of the weather.

Cooler temperatures impacted the crop and pushed it back a week or two across much of the state. For the most part, Alpena berries just started being harvested within the past seven days.

Low in calories and rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, strawberries, in our mind, qualify as a “super food.”

Whether they are to be canned, made into jelly, or just enjoyed as a summer fruit, Alpena strawberries will be “here today” but “gone tomorrow,” so don’t delay in getting some soon.